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PocketCPR Full Package

What's Included



PocketCPR (1 unit, English Language)
Includes one Duracell 123 Lithium battery pre-installed. Battery life minimum 8 hours of continuous use, 5 years of inactive shelf life.

Package also includes two optional-use rear-adhesive labels for use in clinical or training applications to assist with product placement. Order additional rear-adhesive labels below.
Instructional DVD included.
List price $154.00 USD.
(PN# 2132-ENG-US)


(1 unit)


Side Entry Slip Cover (1 unit) Side Entry Slip Cover (1 unit)
Protective cover to prevent fluid transfer and provide cushioning to bottom and top of PocketCPR.
List price $6.50 USD.
(PN# 2070)

Side Entry Slip Cover(1 unit)


Bottom Entry Slip Cover Bottom Entry Slip Cover
Bottom-entry protective silicone slip cover to prevent fluid transfer and provide cushioning to top of PocketCPR. This cover has an exposed rear panel to allow easy access to apply and replace the rear-adhesive label and to replace the battery without removing the slip cover.(PN# 2094)

Bottom Entry Slip Cover(1 unit)


Rear-Adhesive labels Rear-Adhesive labels
The rear-adhesive labels allow the user to affix the PocketCPR device to either a human patient or a manikin training device. The double-sided adhesive label allows the user to pre-apply the adhesive to the device so it is ready for immediate use. The adhesive is easily replaced and leaves no sticky residue when removed. This medical-grade adhesive is approved and intended for both human and manikin use. Available in 10 packs or 50 packs.

Rear-Adhesive labels

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PocketCPR Front View PocketCPR Rear View PocketCPR End View
Front View Rear View End View
PocketCPR Top View PocketCPR Right Side View PocketCPR Left Side
Top View Right Side View Left Side View
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